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stefana boxes


Stefana Boxes

Our beautiful keepsake boxes for your wedding Stefana. There is something special about keeping cherished items showcased in our brilliantly crafted display boxes, Make it personalised with your customisable text or logo. 

Dimensions for our Acrylic boxes: 25cm x 25cm x 8cm

Instructions for your order:
1. Please choose the colour font
2. Please let us know the text you would like for your Stefana Box and we will liaise with you directly to create a design.
3. Your font/logo
Already have a logo? If you have your own logo (and own the rights to it) please upload this to the file section below.
Do not have a logo, and are after a text design? Please pop the details in the text box below and we will be able to assist with a design. 
4. We will then liaise directly with you to proof the design

Shipping & Production

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